This company is proud to have several years of useful experience in the production of industrial valves and cast iron fittings.
By providing warranty and after-sales service and following the slogan of customer orientation, the attention of consumers and sellers of their goods
. and measures, warranty conditions and after-sales services are provided
It is requested to contact the sellers of their products in case of any kind of technical problem and have various questions and guidance.
Mehrab products have a 3-year parts warranty and provide after-sales service to customers for 10 years, and also provide a one-year product replacement warranty in case of problems.

• If the warranty card or sales invoice is lost, the warranty period will be calculated from the product production date.
• The use of working pressure according to the working specifications on the product body or warranty card is allowed.
• Goods repaired by unauthorized persons are not included in the warranty.
• Broken body and parts are not included in the warranty.
• All warranty services are performed at the factory or a replacement product is sent according to the conditions.