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There are many steel parts that are used according to their characteristics. A flange is a functional steel piece and is used to connect pipes and piping equipment. When buying this piece, you should consider important points and raise your information about it. In the rest of this article, we will provide you, dear users, with the necessary information to buy a flange.

What is a flange?

Flange is a practical connection for connecting pipes to equipment such as pumps, valves, etc. Pipes are also connected to each other with this piece. This piece is connected to the equipment or pipe by screwing or by welding. It is easy to use and provides a reliable and secure connection. The specifications of this piece are engraved on it and you can find out about it this way. Brand name, nominal pipe size, flange class, flange category, standard of raw materials used in the flange, dimensional standard, code related to raw material melting number and production number are all listed on this part. Polyethylene flange is one of the most widely used types of flanges.

Types of flanges

Flanges are available in different types with different applications. Below are the types of this piece:

  • Flange with plain surface: This flange is used for cast iron connections, valves and non-steel flanges of pumps.
  • Slipon flange: This piece is a facing product and has a lot of resistance.
  • Flange with tongue and groove: this flange model is in pairs and puts less pressure on other members of the load.
  • Welded flange: This flange is connected through welding and has high resistance. If you are looking for a durable flange to use, this type is the best option.
  • Flange with raised surface: Another name for this type of flange is face face and it is widely used in facilities. Along with this flange, it is also used in installations to have strong and better connections than gaskets.
  • Flange: RTJ, its sealing surface has an angular groove, which is sealed with ring gaskets. This model is used in high temperature pressures.
  • Orifice flange: This type is used to measure gas or liquid fluid. Its main use is to close and reduce the pressure from the holes in the flange.
  • Silent welding flange: This type of flange is connected to small diameter pipes by welding. It is used to connect small diameter metal pipes. It can be used to transfer low pressure fluids very easily.
  • Joint flange: The resistance of this flange is lower than other types and it is a cost-effective part.
  • Threaded flange: Ribbed or threaded flange is considered a suitable option for applications with high pressure and temperature.
  • Blind flange: By using this piece, the pipe path is completely blocked and the pipelines end.

Important points in buying a flange

When buying a flange, you should pay attention to some things and choose the right flange according to the type of project. Below are the important points when preparing this piece:

Attention to the type of flange

Flange is a diverse piece and is produced and supplied in different sizes. Each of them has characteristics and is used for certain applications. Therefore, you must be familiar with its types and then prepare it.

Attention to the class of flanges

The most important factor when buying a flange is its pressure class. This part has different classes according to ASME B 16.5 standard. These classes include class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 and 2500. Each of these classes shows the temperature and pressure that the flange can withstand. According to this standard, the maximum pressure that this part can withstand is the PSI label. The higher the value of this number, the higher the pressure tolerance and temperature of the flange.

Attention to the material and alloy of the flange

Be sure to pay attention to the material used in the body of this piece. This piece has a high gender diversity, but it is usually produced and marketed in metal form. In general, the best and highest quality material of this part is stainless steel, which is a suitable option for transferring high-pressure fluids. The material of the body and the material of the pipe must be the same, because welding is used to connect them. For example, a stainless steel pipe cannot be welded with a carbon steel flange. Because their materials are different and during welding, without a doubt, one of them will not be welded

Paying attention to the flange standard

Sometimes DIN1092/1 is used to express the class of flanges. According to this standard, flange specifications and dimensions are shown based on working pressure PN. In this standard, the pressure label is BAR, and the most important pressures indicated by this standard include PN10, PN16, PN20, and PN40 pressures.

Pay attention to the flange and pipe size

Another criterion that is important when buying a flange is the size of the flange and pipe. The size of pipe and flange is measured in millimeters and inches and must be the same. It is recommended to never use conversion types to connect the pipe and flange. In flanges above size 4, to convert mm size to inches, the mm size must be divided by 25. With this, two sizes can be converted to each other.

Flange holes

The diameter and center of the holes on the flange should also be considered when buying. In each class, the location of the screw holes on the flange is unique, and when its size and class change, the location of the holes will also change. This issue mostly happens in high class flanges. For example, the size and hole location of the flange size 10 and class 150 are different from size 10 and class 600; As a result, these two flanges cannot be connected to each other. Of course, sometimes there are several screw holes facing each other and maybe they can be connected with screws. It goes without saying that engineering does not approve of this. It should be noted that the 8-inch size flange is produced in two ways: 8 and 12 holes. So be sure to pay attention to this when buying it.

How to buy a flange

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