Types and models of cast iron faucets


Faucets are made in different models and types and with different compositions, which have different characteristics due to the materials used. Cast iron faucets are one of these types of products, which have different models. In the rest of this article, we will examine the types and models of cast iron valves. Stay with us until the end of this article for more information.

Learn more about cast iron faucets

Cast iron valves are made of cast iron and have high resistance. This type of valves are used in various industries such as water supply and sewage facilities, in the field of oil and gas industries, etc. The type of cast iron used in this equipment is cast iron. The type of cast iron used in this equipment is cast iron. The important thing about this type of valve is its low price compared to iron valves. Since iron valves have harder compounds, they have a higher price.

Advantages of using cast iron faucets

Since cast iron valves have special advantages and characteristics, they are used in various industries. The following are some of these features:

The first advantage of this device is that due to the presence of large amounts of iron in its structure, it is resistant to any wear and corrosion. The second advantage of this valve model is its resistance to impact and harsh conditions, which increases its efficiency in the water transfer system. Cast iron faucets have a long life and rarely wear out. Because the cast iron valve is resistant to erosion; As a result, its life is increased and this reduces its maintenance costs. This product has high tolerance in cold, tropical and desert conditions. Its price is reasonable and economical. Installation and operation of these valves is simple; Because it is connected by a flange. Being silent is another important feature of this device, which makes it important in the eyes of the buyer.

Types of cast iron faucets

In terms of efficiency and use, cast iron faucet has many types that are used according to the type of use and according to the application space. These valves are:

Butterfly valve

This type consists of a regular body and a circular plate. It is most widely used in the field of oil, gas, water and sewage piping. High sealing and low drop are advantages of the butterfly model. The butterfly valve must be either fully open or fully closed. This valve has types such as stainless steel butterfly valve, wafer butterfly valve, cast iron butterfly valve, steel butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valve, etc.

needle valve

This valve is also known as globe valve, which uses a conical rod or round plate for water flow. Unlike the sliding valve, this valve is not used to control the flow of water and is more effective in controlling the intensity of the flow and also the flow rate. This valve has an inlet and an outlet for water, which flow is indicated by an arrow. Since the fluid enters from the part that hits the bottom of the plate, it is controllable.

One-way valve

This model works unilaterally and automatically and does not have a controlling operator. The one-way valve has two inlet and outlet openings and is effective in order to return the flow of fluid in engine room facilities. Disc check valve, oscillating check valve, diaphragm check valve, shut-off check valve, etc. are among the types of this check valve.

Sliding valve

It is another type of cast iron valve that works in the engine room with the purpose of turning off and on the water flow. Metal tongue slide valve and rubber slide valve are among these valves. Since the pressure drops less in this type of valve, they use it for long pipes.

smooth milk

Safi valve is one of the other cast iron valves and one of the most widely used valves. This valve has a net that prevents the passage of fluids and foreign objects into the chamber. This valve, which has a y-like appearance, is used in water supply facilities.

fire hydrant

Among the most important cast iron faucets is the firefighting model and as it is known, it is used in firefighting. The volcano valve itself can be divided into two types: buried and standing, and the buried model is more widely used and completes the evacuation.

Pressure relief cast iron valve

This model is mostly used in tanks, boilers, etc., and they are responsible for controlling and regulating fluid pressure. This valve provides safety and operation of the device.

Havel banger and pod cast iron faucet

Bung and Alafi milk are used due to their high power in maintaining fluids in the outflow of dams and reservoirs.

Cast iron knife valve, cast iron ball valve, cast iron automatic control valve are also other types of cast iron valves with special use.

Important points in choosing cast iron faucets

When choosing and buying cast iron faucets, it is necessary to pay attention to some points for a better choice; Because choosing the right cast iron valves has advantages such as increased safety, durability and optimal performance of the building installation system, etc. Some of these points are:

  • Attention to the type of passing fluid and its pressure and temperature
  • The suitability of the size and type of valve connection with the piping of the engine room and…
  • Buying faucets with well-known brands and with international standards
  • Choosing milk according to the desired budget

Buying all kinds of cast iron faucets

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